Self-healing techniques that have evolved for thousands of years which cultivates life energy to flow in the body & soul.  Poetry in motion, Awakening body & soul has beautiful contemplations & gentle flowing movements. Muscles develop in a relaxed, balanced, synergistic way. Stress, worries, nervousness & anger melt away.   

Benefits the body, mind, heart & soul. It is fun, safe & simple to do. Experience relaxation, better balance, energy & overall health. Good for pain relief, stress reduction, detox & recovery. Great for seniors & youth.   Excellent for heart, back, brains & brawn.
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"Love can transform people's hearts. ​
​Love can dissolve hate. 
Love can affect the environment. 
Unconditional love is the best medicine and the highest power."

- Master Li Junfeng

​​​Love - Light - Power