When the hands are raised, it is as though opening the doors of the heart.  The qi can swim in and out of the heart and in and out of the body.
"Love can transform people's hearts. ​
​Love can dissolve hate. 
Love can affect the environment. 
Unconditional love is the best medicine and the highest power."

- Master Li Junfeng

Shen Zhen Gong is a style of qigong that is deeply rooted in the ancient yet fresh and new for the modern world.

It has a unique way of healing the heart and awakening the soul.

It is  meditations in motion.  Poetry in motion!

The movements strengthen the body in a synchronized, relaxed, balanced way 

 It helps open the heart and soul to experience the inflowing of holy chi.

This Essence -   Sheng Zhen - Divine Love is a Gift that keeps Giving

Like  the sunlight that streams forth from the sun

It shines on everyone freely bringing life, energy  and warmth.

This Essence is the catalyst for  the transformation of the soul.

May you drink from this Fountain of Love.

Holy Chi - Divine Elixir is free and unlimited . . .

With a little bit of faith and a pure sense of wonder we seek that connection

Sheng Zhen Gong is a way to help you experience the inflowing of Love 

Awakens the soul and body.

Drink from the fountain of living waters

​​​Love - Light - Power